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In all his Vietnam experience he had met only one American "who had the same ' belief structure' as the Civil War soldiers." In Vietnam "the soldier fought for his.

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The New Definition of Success for Professional Women

But in another sense this confusing broadening of the definition of women undermines the effort for which the list was created in the first place. And in a more fundamental way it reduces the meaning of the word woman to whatever a man thinks it means since at any point a man can decide he is a woman and expect to be considered one.

The need for greater gender parity in the arts and entertainment goes beyond a simple question of fairness. The stories we tell help to frame and create the society we live in. When the stories of a group of people numbering more than half our population are excluded, our understanding of gender, and of each other suffers.

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Pretending these experiences are one and the same may be inclusive and progressive, but it is also dishonest and disempowering. And most likely there are as many definitions of what it means to be a woman as there are women.

Gina Cloud talking about her book WOMAN A New Definition

Why list them separately? In choosing to use the feminine pronoun for Manning liberal media outlets decided he was now a woman. For many, myself included, this is already a controversial proposition. But the We Exist list of playwrights goes a significant step further. This is a confusing but important point.

Opinion | A new definition of women is strange but popular

In fact it states that being a woman need not have anything to do with being female. But if this is true, do we really need more plays by women? If gender has no basis in biology then why should we expect women to have any special insight into their own gender or its stories? The implications of this new way of defining women are vast.

And not just for the entertainment industry. Before very long television and film will reflect the notion that biology is divorced from gender. Working Women United and a founder of Radicalesbians.

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A feminist is sensitive to the discrimination suffered by women as a class and advocates full legal, political, social and economic equality for everyone A feminist relates to each person as a human being and wants for all people a free and unconditioned choice to develop their full potential and not be stereotyped into a specific role based on sex. A feminist is one who makes a priority commitment to the betterment of the position of women in our society.

She is learning to accept the full potential of herself and all women, to trust herself and all women, and to place her allegiance with women.

She is the prime determiner of her own life and her own identity. Thus the feminists I encounter every day defy the stereotype. They include black men, such as my husband, who like millions of other Americans, eschew the label he insists he is fellow traveler while observing the tenets, and black women whose life in America has made them instincfeminists.

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Women should be free to choose the vocation o2 homemaking or work outside the home, and individual qualifications, not sex, should govern access to all occupations and levels of responsibility. Archives A Feminist? Definition Varies With the Woman. Log In.

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Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. What is a feminist?