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It may take courage to act in ways that are antithetical to what your friends, family and coworkers expect of you. In the beginning, you may need to keep your plans to yourself, confiding only in one or more trusted advocates who "get" you and are willing to encourage and support you. You can learn to validate yourself, rather than looking for outside validation. Ultimately, the success you'll achieve will speak for itself. Once you're clear on what you want, you need to make choices. Tortoises don't have the energy to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.

We need to make strategic choices, and then focus on those choices, rather than trying to do everything.

The most effective choices are what I call "growth choices," rather than "fear choices. Get quiet and think about an option you're considering. For me, when its a growth choice, even if it's scary, my body feels open and expansive.

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A fear choice makes me feel tense and constricted. Another "slow lane" strategy is to look at the scale of your dreams. You may envision being an international motivational speaker, but are unable to travel. Instead, see how you can express that dream within your local community and virtually. If you want to start your own business, keep it small and manageable, rather than feeling you have to continually grow it. We also need to make choices about where to spend our time.

These devices can become addictive -- we like to feel connected all the time and fear missing something crucial -- but they can burn us out. Set boundaries around how much time you'll spend on electronic devices, and unsubscribe from emails that are a waste of your time.

Finally, make sure to get the rest you need. Be careful not to overschedule yourself. If you push yourself to the limit, even if you manage to eke out the work, it won't be your best or most creative. And you may pay for it by spending the next day in bed. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow.

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104: Learning to Slow Down in a Fast Paced World w/ Christine Hohlbaum

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Full Name Comment goes here. It takes a village to build something new. Assemble your award-winning team and get on with the business of life. Your dreams are waiting for you.

Build a life that welcomes them and I promise you they will come true. If you wish to continue receiving these posts in your inbox, please subscribe here. They are begging for my attention, wanting me to listen, then act on them. My entire being has become a manifestation station. The messages about aligning your path are there, if you listen closely. It will be unexpected, but expect it, okay?

I discovered she is now a single mom with two teenage children. Here she was, the new friend my mother had seen. There are no accidents.

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As I peered out into the night sky last night, I smiled at the inky darkness and thought what a sleepy little town I live in. An occasional beam of light shot through the air as commuters returned home after a long day at work. Breathing in the nocturnal dampness, I wondered how such a place could also be a showcase for so much stress: not externally, mind you.

But internal turmoil can be found even here. I began an inquiry as to how big our stress box needs to be to handle the daily demands of modern living. What is required to leap from the box into a state of peace and calm? We all have stress boxes of various sizes. Some of us touch the sides of our self-imposed cage rather quickly. We hit the edge, explode or implode, depending on your nature , and lash out about us. Others rarely touch the sides of their box, having recognized how much room they need to expand and contract with ease.

Some days we climb buildings in a single bound. Other days we can barely raise our heads off the pillow. Life can get overwhelming at times. When everything seems to be happening at once, know that you can only do so much. For the past week I have blogged in my head a hundred times.

A lot.

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I am in the process of doing some back end work on this site to serve you better and to spread the word more easily about the Power of Slow. And yet, it seems, there are forces at work that have set me back from my desire to improve this blog even more for you. As in all things, there is a gift to be found in setbacks. But it takes time to let things grow. They must first germinate, then grow roots, then push themselves slowly out of the ground.

Only then can they come into full bloom.

12 Foolproof Tips for Finding Focus

Your heart can dance even if your feet cannot. As I recently posted, life is a dance. The partners we choose make all the difference.