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In all his Vietnam experience he had met only one American "who had the same ' belief structure' as the Civil War soldiers." In Vietnam "the soldier fought for his.

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Ten years later, Manley returned to office, accepting the impossibility of creating an independent economy, and embracing neo-liberal policies as the only solution, much to the delight of the US and IMF. There has been no progress in cutting hunger, or increasing basic water and sanitation provision.

In , 59 mothers died in childbirth for every , children born. Now it is Jamaica is classified as upper middle income.

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It was never eligible for debt relief. It has gone through deals with domestic private lenders to reduce interest rates, with little impact on government debt. As always, foreign creditors are fully protected.

Jamaica is not alone. Several Caribbean countries are also dangerously indebted. The IMF itself says pdf : "Since growth in the current environment is virtually non-existent, significant fiscal consolidation is inevitable, but may not be enough to bring down such high debt levels. The IMF "rescue" is a rescue for Jamaica's creditors.

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It spells more suffering for its people. As Europe enters a fourth year of debt and austerity, Jamaica enters a fourth decade.

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The island's debt needs to be written off, to open up the possibility for a better future and allow the people to take control of their economy. Topics Millennium development goals Poverty matters blog. Reuse this content.

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Most popular. It is estimated that nearly , enslaved persons were brought to Jamaica between and about , were then sent to the Spanish isles. The slaves came primarily from the west coast of Africa, mostly from the Gold Coast now Ghana and Biafra now primarily Nigeria.

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  • In addition, many immigrants arrived from elsewhere around the globe. After the abolition of slavery in , workers were brought in from other countries as Jamaica looked for sources of income besides sugar. Workers from Germany, Ireland and Scotland came for a while and one community, Seaford Town, is filled with descendants of these German settlers. East Indians and African-East Indians make up about 3.

    Language The official language of Jamaica is English, spoken in proper fashion with a uniquely Jamaican accent.

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    But the language of the streets is patois. This musical dialect is a combination of English, Spanish, Portuguese, African phrases and a good dose of Jamaican slang. Spoken in a sing-song style, the result is as exotic as any foreign language. Jamaican patois is a fascinating use of the language. Most are believed to come from the Twi language and other Gold Coast not Ghana languages. Scholars believe this pattern came from West African speech.

    A tour guide recently told us that Jamaica has more churches per capita than any other destination. Religion is an important part of Jamaican life.